• 💗💚 Sexy Kate 💚💗
  • 💗💚 Sexy Kate 💚💗
  • 💗💚 Sexy Kate 💚💗
  • 💗💚 Sexy Kate 💚💗
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come to me i want you :).


Age: 25
Hair color: Blonde
Sign: Aries
Hair length: Long hair
Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
Sexual preference: Straight
Smoking: Not smoking
Height: 5'61" / 168 cm
Favourite position: Oral
BodyArt: None
Eye color: Brown eyes


If I'm momentarily not online, then...

Partying, drinking with friends, as a hobby i do play guitar, read books too.! :)

The best party, I ever attended

Last summer when I was on holiday with my friends I was on the wonderful beach party. There was a lot of people, delicious drinks and a handsome bartenders ;> I was dancing till the sunrise, on the bar table and speakers too. Want to hear more?prv me

My favorite sport

running , swimming

The best book, I ever read

I love reading romantic and erotic stories, which influence my imagination and give me inspiration in bed ad dreams ;>

I would love to live in this city

NYC. Barcelona, Victoria

A perfect date would look like this

On the seaside

I would love to do this at some point

It's a mystery, if you want to find it yout, than feel invited to my room :)

I would take this items with me to a desert island

lace underwear, hammock and suncream

A dream partner would look like this

Tall, strong, when it comes to look! but most important are the brains, soo, doesnt really matter :)

The thing I like most on me

my figure, hair, eyes and ambition

My best characteristics

I am a good listener, know how to solve each and every problem if you have any let's talk about them.

My favourite music

jazz, soul, alternative rock and pop

My favourite dish

The one everyone loves... PIZZA and ice cream ;)

What I like most about sex?

long foreplay, teasing, edging, hair pulling, pushing against the wall

What do I dislike in sex?

offending and being rude

What was my hottest experience?

sex under palm on the swing on the beach

What do I wish in sex?

I am just hoping that someone will do his best to make me feel special

What do I like to try?

a triangle with two men ;>

My favourite sex position

Riding, I just love to be on top, dominating the pace and you

My sexual fantasies

sex at work at the desk of my boss

My most exceptional sex experience

Once again you want to know come and visit me when Im online, that's too hardcore to type in here ;)

My most exiting erotic experience

when my sexfriend was fingering and licking me during the whole 6 hours long movie marathon

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