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  • 💗💚 Sexy Kate 💚💗
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Sex in the morning is best coffee!


Age: 36
Hair color: Blonde
Sign: Gemini
Hair length: Long hair
Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
Sexual preference: Bisexual
Smoking: Not smoking
Height: 5'61" / 170 cm
Favourite position: Oral
Eye color: Green eyes


My hobby:

My hobby are all above cycling, dancing, swimming and naturally sex:-))

If I'm momentarily not online, then...

If I'm not online, .. I'm either in the Schulle or somewhere along with my dog: o) the remainder of my time is spent mostly at home in learning and the way I care for my budget of course .. If I am on the day still remains little while .. I dedicate my love to dance or fitness. Sometimes I would have taken that day had 30 hours and not 24 hours :-) But that does satisfy everyone of us:)

The best party, I ever attended

It is difficult to judge :-), .. because I've seen so many great party:-D

My favorite sport

Sports was and still is my hobby;-) My favorite sport is cycling .. I ride all year with the bike .. no matter what season it is now. It always brings me a lot of fun .. and the feeling of freedom .. that gives me my bike is unverwechslebar:) .. Because of sports I keep my ass nice and round:)

The best book, I ever read

The best book .. that I read was the book - The Secret (the secret) of Rhorna Byrne .. It changed my outlook on life and my eyes opened to many things :-) I read it sometimes always happy .. I can now continue to recommend them ..;-)

I would love to live in this city

I would like to live in Paris! :-) I think, Paris is the city of dreams,.. city of love.

A perfect date would look like this

If it comes to the first joint Date, .. I'd just like to go somewhere just walk in nature or with a delicious Keffee with lots of cream;-) :-) go to the cafe .. Against surprise, but I have nothing to do:-P

I would love to do this at some point

I've always wanted to dive deep in the sea .. write a book and really travel the world .. Hopefully it will still realize all ;-)

I would take this items with me to a desert island

A book, a flashlight, a lighter and my dildo :-)

A dream partner would look like this

The appearance of my dream partner is not the most important to me .. He should be above all grown up and head out. I have no great claims .. It also has a look .. My dream is to partner but have something magical, .. what will tempt me .. I'm on men who have a strong figure and very important to me are his eyes, .. should sparkle .. and a warm .. deep eye on;-)).. And if he still has a nice smile, .. well then .. hmmm :-)).. could suddenly turn the world with me quicker :-))

The thing I like most on me

Hmm, I am actually quite critical to me, but best I like about me that I am a very positive person and can laugh about my life failures :-)) .. For me, the sun shines on most days :-)

My best characteristics

I think it's one of my best traits are especially cheerfulness, openness, discipline, and in addition, that I am very friendly.

My favourite music

I like to listen to pop music, R & B music, Latino music ... Hip hop and techno music:), jazz music. I really like it all .. beside hard rock music and metal music. My favorite singer is Rihanna .. I am her huge fan:)

My favourite dish

My favorite food is salmon with mashed potatoes. I love fish and salmon all Arte great deal :-)

What I like most about sex?

During sex I especially like dogy styl .. orally, .. Playing with spit and cum .. I'm on dominant men .. who know exactly .. what a passionate woman needs .. I dream of sex in the wild or in an elevator ... hmmm

What do I dislike in sex?

There are few things I dislike in sex. These include caviar and fisting

What was my hottest experience?

The most erotic experience ever had a threesome sex! With my lover and my girlfriend:-)

What do I wish in sex?

:-)) .. oh well it's up to the mood and the mood;-) .. Time really slowly tenderly wet smooch but mostly through a hard training to be:-D .. I say soo attentive tender foreplay and after hard dirty sex! .. so long until I scream at the sky! :-) .. hmmmm

What do I like to try?

It is still much what I would sometimes like to try;-) .. A really hot sex with two dominant men :-) or fast quicky in an office :-)) .. hmmm That would be something for me: P .. Well let's see .. what's in my stars;-)

My favourite sex position

My favorite position is number Favourite :-) from behind .. so I'm pretty submissive in sex - I need this position often;-) .. But otherwise I really love all positions -'m very kelenkig and I like to experiment:-D ..

My sexual fantasies

I have many fantasies, .. One is of a horny kinky sex at the same time consenting to do with a woman and 2 men.

My most exceptional sex experience

In the elevator !!!

My most exiting erotic experience

My most exciting erotic sex experience ever was definitely in the car park! :-) It was summer and we are late at night behind a park on a busy parking lot is not a small blanket made ​​wide and let it rip right :)

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